EVENTS will fundraise for a cancer charity walk.

Anne Deif, 72, and her husband Mo, 70, will complete London's Moonwalk 2023 on May 20 which fundraises for cancer charity, Walk the Walk.

They are organising events to fundraise.

The Moonwalk Easter Afternoon Tea will be held at Matfen Village Shop on Easter Sunday, April 9 at 3.30pm.

Anne said booking is essential for the events on 01661855807.

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"The days are passing very quickly and our first fundraising event is nearly here," she said.

"Our second event is a Bingo Night on Saturday, April 22. I have to confess to never having played bingo so a lot of research is going on. Things are to be purchased, a caller organised (thanks to Tony), and prizes and drinks are to be bought. Thankfully we have a great team helping so thanks go to Rachel, Mandy, Liz and Keith Mavin.

"Moonwalk training is well underway. I have cracked five miles and Mo walks much more than that when he plays a round of golf which is not the same as a power walk, but he thinks it is.

"English weather always plays a part in planning any event and our training for the Moonwalk on May 20 from Clapham Common in London is no exception."

"Torrential rain has made the lanes very wet and slippery together with strong winds. However, looking on the bright side when the weather is dry it’s wonderful," Anne said.

Anne suffers with rheumatoid arthritis and has to complete 15.2 miles. 

"Now temperatures are above freezing, Mo felt I should have more appropriate clothing so bought me a fabulous luminous green jacket. It’s very lightweight but wind and rainproof.

"These last few days have been pretty tough emotionally for me, cancer is always there.  I bumped into an old friend I hadn’t seen for very many years who told me she had terminal cancer and what a good thing Mo and I were doing.

"I felt so humble and her few words of encouragement made me feel I should just get on and do more training, however much I was having to go through the mileage pain barriers. I know we can do this," she said.