A BESPOKE retirement gift was crafted for a man integral to the signage design for Forestry England.

Sign & Design, based in Hexham, was tasked with producing a bespoke chopping board for Russell Bailey, who helped design signage in Kielder Forest and other Forestry England sites.

The oak for the board was sourced from a tree damaged by Storm Arwen, from Broomley Grange Outdoor Activity Centre in Stocksfield.

Hexham Courant: Russell's bespoke chopping boardRussell's bespoke chopping board (Image: Sign & Design)

Sign & Design has worked with Forestry England over the years to produce a range of signs.

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Colin Groves, owner of Sign & Design, said his staff members Jack and Danny made the chopping board.

"Russell was involved in the design department of Forestry England and has been for years. He designed the original signage scheme for Kielder Lakeside Way. We've done a lot of designs up there," he said.

Hexham Courant: The clock designed for another retiring staff member of Forestry England a year agoThe clock designed for another retiring staff member of Forestry England a year ago (Image: Sign & Design)

The design of the chopping board incorporated some of Russell's sign designs, a bike as he is a keen cyclist and wildlife and foliage. 

"When they knew he was retiring they wanted to do something special. We do a lot of timber signage for Forestry England and others. We made a bespoke clock last year for somebody else who retired, which was all engraved."

The chopping board was made in time for Russell's retirement party, when he received the gift along with a cake. 

Hexham Courant: Sign & Design produced another retirement gift last yearSign & Design produced another retirement gift last year (Image: Sign & Design)

Colin said a lot of the timber damaged by Storm Arwen is still useful and can be used to make a range of products.

"Russell absolutely loved it, he sent out an email thanking everyone. There was someone who made a cake for him and us who made the chopping board. He thanked us and the people who bought it for him. We've had a lot of feedback on social media as well," Colin added.

"Everything is done in-house. We do signs for shop fronts, vehicle liveries, stickers, pull-up banners, corporate ID design, business cards and vehicle wrapping. We do day-to-day signage but we also do specialist bespoke timber," he said.

Sign & Design also make woodland furniture and memorial benches.