NEW family-oriented community services will start in Corbridge next month.

The Corbridge Community Partnership, working with the former Corbridge Methodist Church, St Andrews and others, has enlisted organisations to support families and the local community at the new Corbridge Community Hub in Princes Street.

Corbridge Methodist Church closed in April 2022 and is now the location of the Corbridge Community Hub.

As part of the Community Hub, there is also a heritage centre opening in April showcasing the heritage and history of Corbridge.

Hexham Courant: Phoebe, John-Paul's daughterPhoebe, John-Paul's daughter (Image: Ian Wylie)

Community services will begin in April and initially focus on three users, with more to come.

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Chairman of the Corbridge Community Partnership, Maurice Hodgson, said: "We're liaising with St Andrews about their need for extra space for some of their activities. 

Hexham Courant: Phoebe and James, John-Paul's children, playing with the Full of Beans parachute games Phoebe and James, John-Paul's children, playing with the Full of Beans parachute games (Image: Ian Wylie)

"We're working with Tynedale Hospice at Home and they're going to do things with wellbeing, counselling, some therapies and they're hoping to start a lunch club. 

"We're also working with Full of Beans Children's Fitness and Sports Coaching to do family activities."

Director John-Paul Reay runs the north-east branch of Full of Beans.

The branch, based in Corbridge, works within schools delivering curriculum P.E, and after-school clubs, plus offers well-being support encouraging children to channel emotions through sports.

John-Paul said: "I was aware the Community Partnership was looking to get some activities to come to the Community Hub, so I arranged a meeting with Maurice and others at the Community Partnership to say, 'this is what I can offer and bring to the community of Corbridge'."

Hexham Courant: Full of Beans coach Stefanie BellFull of Beans coach Stefanie Bell (Image: John-Paul Reay)

"It's an environment for the community to come together and for children and parents to meet new friends because sometimes it's difficult to meet other mums and dads. 

"Especially with new houses coming to Corbridge, it's a new way to meet people and there'll be a coffee, tea and biscuits facility for parents. 

"It's a fantastic venture and it's great we can bring families to the Community Hub."

John-Paul wanted to expand Full of Beans to offer 'Mini Beans' and 'Little Beans' at the Hub, catering to younger age groups.

Mini Beans will teach developmental skills to ages one to two-and-a-half, and Little Beans for ages two-and-a-half to four years. 

New classes will start on April 17 and run every Monday and Thursday.

"We're running high-quality, fun active learning, helping improve children's emotional and physical well-being.

"We're focussing on hand-eye coordination, balance, and each week we'll be focussing on different themes."

Child-minding businesses, including Corbridge-based Over the Rainbow Baby and Toddler Group, will support Full of Beans' new classes.

Stefanie Bell has worked with Full of Beans since 2021 and will coach children in classes at Corbridge Community Hub.