OPINIONS are sought by a parish council on improvements to an historic market place.

Corbridge Parish Council is seeking residents' and businesses' views on proposed plans to improve the appearance of Corbridge market place.

The council explained the problem is that the market place is dominated by parked vehicles which detracts from its appearance and limits its use by residents and visitors.

William Clouston, parish council chairman, said: "The quality of the space is marred by the large expanse of tarmac roads and parking bays, traffic signs painted on the road and standard street furniture that lacks character and distinction."

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The council believes there is room for improvement, if four main issues are addressed.

Hexham Courant: The current car parking in Corbridge market placeThe current car parking in Corbridge market place (Image: Robinson Landscape Design)

Firstly, the market place is marred by parked vehicles including large vans and trucks.

Secondly, the public space is divided in two by the road from Front Street, which runs through the middle and could be better planned.

Hexham Courant: Market place improvements designed by Robinson Landscape DesignMarket place improvements designed by Robinson Landscape Design (Image: Robinson Landscape Design)

There is no area to hold an occasional village market, which the council says is a 'major drawback for a village market place'.

Lastly, there is no significant shrub planting, no trees present, and the seating and quality of the public space could be vastly improved.

Corbridge Parish Council intends to solve these issues by reordering the market place's layout.

In 2022, the council appointed Robinson Landscape Design to produce plans to incorporate several improvements.

  • Extend the central paved area to provide space for occasional market stalls
  • Reorganise the car parking and road layout 
  • Plant new shrubs and trees 
  • Improve quality of seating and extend the public space

Proposals include provision for residential parking with an improved layout, providing a similar amount of spaces as now.

Plans include loading areas for businesses and parking for weddings and funerals at St Andrew's Church.

Parking by those who are not residents will be regulated to resolve the issue of vehicles occupying spaces for prolonged periods of time, while disabled parking will be accommodated.

Residents, businesses and visitors are invited to share opinions at an exhibition which will be held in Room One of the parish hall from 2pm until 7pm on Wednesday, March 1 and Thursday, March 2.