REPORTS of litter and mess have been made by Hexham residents, who claim members of the travelling community left Hexham's Tyne Green in a 'dreadful state'.

They stayed on Tyne Green over the Jubilee weekend. 

Graeme Edwards, a Hexham resident, said people had horses tethered in the park and left horse mess on Tyne Green, plastic wrappers and empty food cartons.

He said: "It's a disgrace, I don't know why the Council allow them on every year."

Trevor Cessford, County Councillor for Hexham Central with Acomb, said the travelling community have protected status and therefore have rights.

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"I was not happy with the situation that was given to me and made my feelings clear. Unfortunately, the police said they would not do anything unless a fenced off compound was provided for them," he said.

"This was provided by Northumberland County Council, I again said I was not happy and stated that I doubted they would stay there and would spread out. The police said if they moved away from the compound they would act, however they have not. 

"NCC provided portable loos and bins and a twice daily refuse collection. I also reiterated that this was a country park and not just a field. 

"Unfortunately, what I feared is exactly what happened, and I will again make my feelings clear in any debrief session that follows this.  

"NCC will make good the land after the travellers leave," Trevor said.

Janet Nixon, another resident, went to Tyne Green on Saturday when she initially saw the mess, and said Tyne Green was left in a 'dreadful state'.

"I was horrified, absolutely horrified. The mess was absolutely shocking.

"I can't believe it was allowed to happen, it was a Bank Holiday and the regatta was on and people couldn't even use the park.

"I take my dog there, people shouldn't have to put up with that. There was horse mess, dog mess, the smell knocked you back getting out of the car."

She said the caravans and horses were gone when she returned on Monday.

"I couldn't believe it the second time I went, there was mess all over up to the boathouse."

"Something should be put in place so it doesn't happen again, very little steams me up but this has," Janet said.

Others on social media said the majority of the travelling community were considerate and ensure they clean up after using public spaces.

Northumberland County Council were contacted for comment.