THE founder of Kielder Observatory will host a night of stargazing at an award-winning hotel.

Matfen Hall has teamed up with astronomer Gary Fildes to host Friday night’s event, Gastronomy.

A three-course meal will be served before everyone is encouraged to wrap up and head out to the gardens where Gary and his team of astronomers will be on hand with telescopes, computers and cameras to help guests discover and wonder at some of the most stunning objects in the night sky.

Matfen Hall will be combining its close proximity to the Northumberland Dark Sky Park, together with its reputation for fine food, for the evening.

Gary, who left Kielder Observatory earlier this year after 18 years, said: “Guests will be able to take a look through the telescopes we’ll set up on the night – provided the sky is clear enough.

“Making such a lovely night of it with fine food and the indoor presentation too is really special.

“Although people often start knowing very little, by the end of the evening there are a lot of big questions being asked and answered.”

Bookings can be made on Matfen Hall’s website.