THE laughs keep coming as members of a local theatre club revisit a popular TV comedy.

Queen’s Hall Theatre Club will perform four of the six episodes of Blackadder III in Hexham between November 27 and 29.

It will be the third time the club has performed material from the hit TV show which starred Rowan Atkinson as the hilarious title role and Tony Robinson as his hapless, yet lovable, sidekick Baldrick.

While there were four series originally, the theatre club is stopping at three despite the productions of Blackadder Goes Forth in 2014 and Blackadder II in 2016.

The latest production is set in Georgian England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, with Blackadder the butler to Prince George.

Ruari Reed takes the starring role of Blackadder, Matt McClure has bagged the spot of Baldrick with Robin Jowett to play the role of Prince George, whose character was hilariously portrayed on television screens by Hugh Laurie.

The action follows TV scripts written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton for the BBC, and provides a challenge for the theatre club as they are very short scenes, requiring a lot of sound and lighting cues.