Built almost 2,000 years ago to house a Roman army garrison guarding the nearby bridge across the River Tyne, Chesters Roman Fort was one of the Roman Empire’s most northern outposts.

Located in the heart of Hadrian’s Wall country at Chollerford, the remains are the most complete Roman cavalry fort in Britain.

Visitors can wander around the unusually well-preserved Roman baths and steam room, and the officers’ quarters. There’s also a chance to discover a collection of Roman objects and inscriptions in the museum which were unearthed at the fort and along Hadrian’s Wall.

But there’s something a little different happening at Chesters this weekend – an event which will combine the ancient and the modern.

A fun installation, suitable for all ages, called Ear Trumpets will see a team of sonic investigators sharing an “exceptional underground auditory occurrence” they have managed to track down on the site.

With the help of a series of elaborate Ear Trumpets, created from converted euphoniums and brass instruments, visitors can listen to the underground where enchanting contemporary classical music composed by Robert Lee – of the National Theatre and BBC – is emerging.