A PLAY for young people will serve as an introduction to a classical Greek myth.

Touring theatre company, Multi Story Theatre, will bring its production of Pandora to Hexham’s Queen’s Hall this weekend.

Aimed at children aged between five and 11, the play revisits the myth of how Pandora was the first human woman created and how she released all sorts of evil and misery, as well as a little bit of hope, from a jar, often referred to as Pandora’s Box.

The story is told by two weary travellers who happen upon one another and, after being suspicious of one another initially, try to establish trust.

A spokeswoman for Multi Story Theatre said: “Pandora is a play for young people about big ideas, and about holding on to trust and hope and working together in an uncertain and selfish world.”

The performance will take place at 6.30pm on Friday.