DINOSAUR lovers can look forward to finding out more about the creatures as the Dinosaur Roadshow rolls into town.

The event will visit The Gate Church at Swalwell Close in Prudhoe on Saturday at 2.30pm.

Creation Ministries International is on the road taking its dinosaur experience to families across the UK.

Young people and their families will be able to meet Valentino, the larger-than-life Velociraptor and children can even sit astride Alexis the Allosaurus.

But there will also be a serious side, where the organisers will seek to answer people’s questions about how the magnificent creatures fit within the framework of biblical history.

Speakers will be giving an informative, family-friendly, colourful presentation that is aimed to fascinate young and old alike.

Entrance is free with refreshments provided and a free gift for children up to 12 years old.