A PLAY representing a true story of the stigma people living with disabilities faced in the 1980s will be performed in Hexham.

Joey, written by Disability Arts International author Sean Burn, depicts the life of a young boy who is taunted in the playground and how insulting chants changed to ‘Joey’ one day after Joey Deacon, a well-known author and television personality who suffered from severed cerebral palsy, appeared on hit children’s programme Blue Peter.

Produced by Disability Arts Online project Gobscure in association with Greyscale, it is described as ‘a story about playgrounds and care homes, Doc Martens and red laces, punk and cassette tapes, smashed tellies and running away – a story of love and rage and surviving it all.’

The play will be performed in English and British Sign Language.

The production will take place in Hexham Library, within the Queen’s Hall, at 7.30pm tonight.