'ENCORE' the crowd will cry as Hexham Amateur Stage Society end their farewell Spring concert.

The society will take the audience through popular songs from the stage, screen and film from the past 100 years as it performs Encore.

The run of performances will be the last Spring concert the group performs due to financial reasons.

Elva Mason, the society's director, said: "We want our audience to join us in a celebration of what HASS does best.

"We'll be singing familiar songs from film and stage that I just know the audience are going to love.

"It'll be like a trip down memory lane, but the songs aren't just from one era - they're from every decade from 100 years ago until now. I'm delighted to be directing what will be our final concert of this kind with my associate director Julie Robson and musical director Robert Laws.

"But we have to move with the times and we've come to realise that we can no longer afford to run concerts every Spring."

While the concerts will stop, the society will continue and will perform the play The Sound of Music later this year.

The society is looking at new ways to develop, and will be offering a number of workshops over the years to try to encourage more members.

In Encore, the cast members will be joined on stage by 20 singers from the town's Sele First School.

Society chairman, Albert Simpson, said: "You don't need to be into musicals to enjoy what we do. The fun, excitement and camaraderie is second to none."

Encore starts on Wednesday night, and will run nightly at 7pm until Friday. A special matinee performance has been scheduled for Saturday.