A BRAND new sausage and cider festival is set to bring a sizzle to Corbridge this weekend.

The event will take place at the Pele Tower, on April 20, and boasts a total of 20 different ciders and 15 different sausage selections.

Hordes of visitors are expected for the Easter bash with the festival opening its doors at 3pm on Saturday.

Live music will also be providing non-food related bangers from 5pm.

Darren Williams, who has organised the event, has brought one of his favourite sausage fillings – pork and apple – to life with the weekend event.

He said: “There will be lots of local butchers from throughout the North-East involved with even more ciders from national traders.

“Local music acts will also be aplenty.

“We usually get a lot of people at the Pele Tower during the Easter holidays, so the sausage and cider festival will hopefully be the same as it’s something fun and a bit different.”