FILMGOERS visiting the Forum Cinema in Hexham this weekend will be treated to a spot of jazz music before their film.

Experienced jazz trio Swing Bridge, formed in Hexham in 2017, will be playing in Scott’s Cafe.

Swing Bridge have a long history with the Forum – they played their first ever gig there in November 2017, and have been a regular feature there ever since.

The experienced trio, who get their name from Newcastle’s famous bridge of the same name will be playing an hour’s worth of “grooving, moving, mainstream jazz.”

Swing Bridge consists of Dan Martin on piano, Dave Parker on double bass and Peter Ninnim on drums.

Dan originally played classical music as a concert pianist whilst a student, but moved to jazz after becoming fascinated with the harmony, rhythm, and melodies of the genre.

Meanwhile Dave has been playing the double bass for more than 30 years. While playing bass in chaotic punk band the Art Vandals, he was lent a double bass and quickly fell in love with it.

Later, he decided that the double bass was far better suited to jazz than it was to punk rock, and Swing Bridge is the latest stage on his journey into jazz.

Peter has also had something of a varied music career, playing in jazz bands, a dance band, and a rock group, and has toured Europe with various bands.

He retired from gigging to work a nine to five job to support his family, but decided to return to drums in 2010.

The hour-long set, which begins on Saturday at 6.15pm, is free to enter.