AN event examining the history and future of the River Tyne is to be held at The Sill tonight.

Rivers of Life will look at how the River Tyne changed global industry and inspired writers, as well as exploring wider issues such as marine pollution and flooding.

A highlight of the evening will be a screening of the 1962 documentary Your Heritage: The River Tyne, which maps the path of the Tyne.

And a new film by Newcastle University’s James Davoll and Clifton Evers explores the toxic love affair between present-day surfers and the polluted water in the mouth of the Tyne and the River Tees.

Throughout the night, there will be readings from a new anthology of work called Reading the Wall, inspired by Hadrian’s Wall and the Tyne, and university experts will give a range of talks and answer questions from visitors.

The Rivers of Life event is part of an annual festival called Being Human, which celebrates the social sciences. This year it is being hosted by Newcastle University, and the theme is ‘From Source to Sea’.

Rivers of Life takes place at The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday, November 15.

Everyone is welcome and the event is free to attend.