TYNEDALE U13s entered two teams to compete in a 'waterfall' cup, held at Northern RFC on Sunday.

Both teams came top of their pools to win a place in their respective semi-finals, only to wipe-out the oppositions and face a Tynedale Vs Tynedale final.

In the friendly spirit of the festival, the organisers agreed that the two, equally balanced teams should forgo a head-on challenge, allowing the full Tynedale squad to unite in the overall victory.

Coach Mark Souter said: "After eight years nurturing our group of players, we have yet again had an outstanding season with this year's Tynedale U13's.

"We have had the pleasure of coaching a 36-strong squad of players who have performed admirably throughout their fixtures.

"With numerous matches against both local and touring sides, every single one of our very talented players have always given 110 per cent in every area of the game, together with strong commitment and attendance of weekend and newly introduced midweek training sessions.

"They should all be extremely proud of their team and individual performances this season."

The season culminates at the Harrogate Festival on Saturday, after which the boys will spend a well-deserved day at a theme park.