Seven days of events have got underway as part of the Football v Transphobia (FvT) campagin ahead of the Trans Day of Visibility on March 31.

The campaign, first created in 2019, is designed to help show how everyone involved in the sport can support trans and non-binary people while also showing the positive roles they both play too.

 Although the current coronavirus pandemic has moved the majority of the scheme’s events online in 2021, social media users are being encouraged to get involved with the activities using the #TransFootyAlly hashtag.

The online programme has been created for individuals to share photos and videos of how football is enhanced by both non-binary and trans people as well as showing what they do as part of the sport.

 “Trans people still face real barriers getting into football,” said Natalie Washington, FvT Campaign Lead.

“Fears and experience of exclusion can put people off taking part in the game they love, even when trans inclusion policies are in place.

“In the vast majority of cases there is little or no provision for non-binary people whatsoever.

“We hope by continuing to celebrate trans and non-binary identities in the game, and by providing resources to help clubs and administrators to be more inclusive, we can help football become a great place for everyone.”

As well as highlighting what is currently being done, the social media campaign also hopes to encourage more trans and non-binary people to get involved in the sport as well.

“Allies are so important in creating welcoming spaces and inclusive football,” added Football v Homophobia Campaign Director, Lou Englefield.

“Trans and non-binary people make up about 1.5% of the population and they need our support. As a lesbian, I have not always felt welcomed in football. It’s time for me to stand up for my trans colleagues and friends in the game.”

Planned events over the next few days include both a Talking Trans event with the Football v Homophobia Youth Panel and also a LGBT+ 101 workshop.

More information regarding the week of activities can be found at: