ALTHOUGH football in the region has been allowed to resume from March 29th, uncertainty around how the Northern Alliance leagues’s can continue remains a big talking point.

The four divisions have been on pause due to the third national lockdown since the end of December, meaning it will be potentially over three months between the season being paused and being allowed to resume next month.

This delay has left teams with a big problem when it comes to organising fixtures and generally getting the rest of the season played, none more so with Division One side Hexham.

“I think a lot of the teams around here are in the same boat as us,” said manager Martin Lowes.

“Us, Haltwhistle Jubilee and Prudhoe are all in the same league and we’re all wondering what’s going to happen.”

“From a Hexham point of view, we rely on using Wentworth leisure centre for the pitch and training, so we’ll need them to be open as well as us actually being allowed to start playing again.

“Obviously, something that we’ve all got to consider is if the season does restart, how are we going to cram so many games in between now and the end of the scheduled season?”

“You’ve got travel restrictions and the logistics to think about too. Lads at this level aren’t professionals. People will want a holiday and a break, especially after the last year, so there’s that to consider too.”

The Hexham boss also went on to admit that his team are simply eager to get back playing, even if they end up having a modified season.

“I’ll be over the moon when we can get going again,” he added.

“Everyone I’m sure has different views on what’s going to happen, but hopefully we can get something planned and underway as soon as we’re told we’re allowed to do so.

“The end of the season is going to be a difficult for everyone involved. Some teams have only played seven games so far, so how are they going to play every game they need to between now and May?”

“It’s going to be a tricky few weeks to get a plan together, but I think everyone wants something organised so we can all get back on the pitch again.”