AS professional golfers, Andy and Chris Paisley are used to walking miles of open countryside.

The latter travels the globe as a player on the European Tour, which expands to spectacular locations such as Dubai and South Africa.

Andy’s remit goes way beyond his day job as head professional at Hexham Golf Club, for as well as honing the skills of local players, he coaches Northern England’s rising stars.

But right now, just like the rest of us, the Paisley brothers, who grew up in Mickley, are restricted to the confines of their own homes.

The European Tour is currently suspended until May 28, and Chris is at home in Florida with wife Keri and daughter Ella.

The enforced break comes just as Chris was showing great form. He finished tied for seventh at recent Oman Open in Asia.

Andy said: “Chris is very level headed. He’s been doing some DIY at home and is quite happy to be with his family.

“He’s very humble, he understands that there’s a lot more important things than golf going on in the world, but he won’t be neglecting his game. He’s got a putting mat and other equipment so he can work on his swing, as well as gym equipment.”

While there will be no prize money for Chris to compete for, he will not have any golf travel expenses for the foreseeable future.

“Chris will be ok,” said Andy. “It will be more difficult for players on the Challenge Tour, and other tours, and my heart goes out to them.”

It’s also a difficult time for Andy, who has closed his shop and coaching set-up at Hexham for the time being.

“I didn’t want to stop,” he said. “I’ve always tried to provide a service for members of the club, but this is a situation that we all have to accept.”

Instead of getting downhearted, however, Andy has devised a strategy aimed at keeping golfers motivated and enthused while they remain at home.

He added: “This is a time of year when we’re all usually getting ready for the season ahead, and naturally, players will think that all of a sudden there is nothing to play for.

“But that’s not the case, and over the weeks ahead I want to help keep everyone’s spirits up.”

Andy plans to provide productive golf content via social media.

He added: “I want to put some things out there that people can do. There are some drills, and some little practical things you can work on to improve your swing.

“If done properly, these activities can be more productive than hitting a basket of balls on the range.

“The most important thing is that everybody stays safe and well.”