TYNEDALE RFC faces an uncertain future after the coronavirus outbreak stopped all of the club’s income streams for the time being.

Defeat at Huddersfield on March 14 was the final action for Tynedale’s first XV, before the season was initially suspended, and then officially ended by the RFU.

But the impact on the Corbridge-based club goes far beyond matchdays in National League Division Two North.

Chairman Neil Foster revealed that the club has running costs of around £120,000 per year, which works out at £10,000 per month.

He said: “In terms of coronavirus, the Government has said we could turn around the tide in at least 12 weeks. That would take us beyond the end of June. There is serious uncertainty about how we can weather that.”

Despite having only two paid members of staff, a groundsman and a cleaner, the club has 35 acres of land to maintain, with overheads including the costs of running and maintaining the clubhouse, grandstand, training and other facilities.

While there will be no need to run team buses or purchase rugby kits for the foreseeable future, costly insurance payments will still have to be paid.

The club relies on over 100 volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes, but under current government restrictions, they will have no option other to stay at home instead of carrying out key maintenance tasks. Tynedale Beer Festival, an event which brings tens of thousands people to the club in the summer, has been cancelled, while a decision has not yet been made on whether Corbridge Festival, which also atrracts thousands, will go ahead.

Mr Foster added: “We’ve done everything we can to comply with social distancing, and we’ve held club meetings by video conferencing.

“We all love our sport, our rugby and our club, but nothing is more important than everyone’s safety and wellbeing at the moment.

“The key is that if some of our big summer events are postponed rather than cancelled, then we’d still generate crucial income. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Mr Foster has been chairman of Tynedale for five years. He has been involved with the club for 30 years, serving as a player, coach, and secretary.