THE sky is the limit for a schoolboy who became a British scooter champion at the age of eight.

Now aged 10, Prudhoe’s Josh Newton is preparing to compete in the UK Championship in Northamptonshire, on November 3.

He secured his place at the prestigious event after successfully qualifying at Darlington.

It’s an important period for the youngster, who has thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube.

For the fearless Josh, who has an impressive repertoire of gravity defying skills on the scooter, is keen to return to winning ways.

Two years have passed since he was crowned U8 champion at the Scoot Sport GB national final, as part of Scoot Fest, in 2017.

His dad Gary explained: “Josh absolutely loves being on the scooter. He’s ambitious and is capable of competing at a high level.

“After his U8 success, there wasn’t really a category that suited him and he ended up in the intermediate category, which was the category below professional level, and he was going up against older competitors.

“Fortunately, some changes have been made, and the intermediate category is now for people who are aged 12 and under.

“It will still be difficult, because some of those registered to take part will have turned 13 by the time the championship takes place, but Josh is up for the challenge.”

Josh has come a long way in a short space of time. His life on two wheels began with a BMX bike at the age of six or seven. He swiftly moved on to the scooter, and picked up the techniques with relative ease.

The youngster, who practices at the 4Motion Darlington skatepark, and also frequents his local Highfield Park facility in Prudhoe, has now attracted international sponsorship from some of the sports’ specialist companies.

Australian-based Invert Scooters has backed Josh, alongside the Juicy Wheel Co, which is based on the Isle of Wight. They join another Isle of Wight firm, Island Extreme, which has sponsored him since 2017.

Gary added: “Josh is grateful for all of his opportunities. He wants to keep improving and reward everyone who has supported him.

“It’s all about technique, but as good as he is, Josh obviously wears knee pads and ankle braces. When he does bail (fall off), he knows how to use his knees which is another technique in itself.”