THE district’s sports men and women are being urged to make use of grant funding which is available to them.

Sport Tynedale provides financial support for people to develop their skills at county level or higher.

Now people with aspirations to excel at their chosen sport are being encouraged to apply for grants, which cover the cost of kit, travelling and accommodation, event entries, and coaching fees.

Sport Tynedale chairman Edward Heslop said: “Talent and hard work goes a long way in sport, but it can cost a considerable amount of money to compete and achieve your goals.

“We’ve supported numerous people over the years, and we really need to make more people aware that we are here to help.

“If you’re looking to develop your skills at county level or higher, regardless of your chosen sport, you are a potential candidate, and should apply for a grant.”

The organisation, which also hosts the annual Sport Tynedale Awards, receives financial backing from a range of sources, including town and parish councils, schools, and sports clubs, which are affiliated to Sport Tynedale.

Applicants can qualify for grant funding if they are a member of an affiliated club, or if their school or local council is affiliated to Sport Tynedale.

Maximum grants of £250 are available from Sport Tynedale’s development fund. The organisation supports several of the district’s sporting people each year, but is always on the look-out for others who would benefit from a financial boost.

Grants are also available to help volunteer coaches achieve recognised coaching qualifications.

Edward added: “We are grateful to the backing we receive from councils, schools, and sports clubs. By contributing to Sport Tynedale, they are enabling residents, pupils and members to access this funding which can make a real difference.”

Sport Tynedale is sponsored by Hexham-based Egger UK, Red Hot Property, and has recently teamed up with Physio & Therapy UK, based on Hallstile Bank. More information about grant funding can be found at

Sport Tynedale is reaching out to schools, councils, and sporting clubs.

By becoming affiliated to the voluntary-led organisation, they can help sports men and women gain access to vital funding.

Sport Tynedale chairman Edward Heslop said: “Individuals can only qualify for funding via an affiliated orgainsation.

“For example, if they attend a school which is affiliated to us, or attend a sports club which is affiliated to us, they are eligible to apply.

“The same goes for councils. If we get a parish or town council on board, then all of its parishioners can apply.”

Edward said Sport Tynedale was grateful to its member organisations for the financial support they provided, but encouraged those who are not already signed up to to get involved.

He added: “For a relatively small fee, councils, schools, and sports clubs can make a real difference if they become members of Sport Tynedale. It enables all of their parishioners, pupils or members to qualify for funding.

“Every year, the Sport Tynedale Awards demonstrate the wealth of talent we have in this district, and that talent is worth investing in.”