HEALTH and fitness enthusiasts are proving that strong man and women competitions are for everyone.

No lorries were being pulled by participants in the Hexham’s Strongest 2019 Beginners’ Charity Competition. But those who took part, at E.T. Fitness and Therapy, based at Priestpopple, Hexham, had plenty of fun.

Eleven men and eight women were challenged to a series of tasks which involved lifting weights. Among them was Emma Wilson, of Haydon Bridge, who stressed that using the correct techniques, strength based activities have health benefits.

“If you learn the techniques and do it properly, strength conditioning is very healthy,” said Emma.

“Everyone has their own goals and targets, but we have a nice friendly environment. It really is a good way to keep fit and make friends.”

Strength and conditioning coach Ed Lloyd organised the competiton, where participants took on challenges including a shoulder press, and a bar lift. They were also tested on how long they could hold a heavy object, and lifted an atlas stone.

Emma added: “The objects and weights involved were all suitable for our ability level. You don’t take unnecessary risks.”

Jasmine Danby won the women’s competition, with 37 points. Rosie McCoy was second with 33 points, while Emma was third with 29 points. Andrew Rutland won the men’s competition with 47 points. Craig Potts was second with 41 points, while Mike Martin was third with 37 points.

The event raised money for Rock2Recovery, which supports serving and veteran servicemen.