MARTIAL arts specialist Callum Beeckmans is heading for Birmingham to promote a rare fighting style.

The Prudhoe teenager has been working with Hexham’s David Wells to improve his skills in 52 Blocks, an African-American martial art which focuses on defensive moves.

David is the only coach outside of New York who is certified to teach 52 Blocks.

And Callum, who is already a seasoned mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor, is adding the discipline to his impressive repertoire, which already includes karate and kickboxing.

The fighting style is often referred to as Jailhouse Rock because it is understood to have evolved in American prisons.

David and Callum will be at the Lock Up venue, in Birmingham’s Steelhouse Lane, this weekend, to promote 52 Blocks, which has been taught and practised for decades.

An established kickboxer, David first became interested in 52 Blocks in 2007, and went on to run training sessions at Hexham’s Wentworth Leisure Centre, after working with the art’s most prominent figures, Lyte Burly.

He said: “There are a lot of people who are interested in various martial arts, but they want to develop their skills, and 52 Blocks is less well known to many people.”