EVER wondered what goes through the mind of a football referee?

Local officials revealed their thoughts about the game during a meeting of the Hexham branch of the Northumberland Referees’ Association.

And there were more pros than cons when they were asked to identify their likes and dislikes of presiding over fixtures.

One member of the branch said: “I enjoy refereeing junior football, because you’re a bit like a secondary coach.

“You’re teaching the youngsters the laws of the game, and it is those basics which will stick with them for life.”

Another said: “It’s being part of football, a game that we all love. You’re getting out there for the match, and you’re getting plenty of exercise.”

Referees also revealed what they least liked about football.

One said: “I don’t particularly enjoy one-sided matches. There’s nothing like a really competitive game for keeping your focus.”

One official said he did not like writing post-match reports when incidents relating to misconduct had to be included.

“Nobody wants to see misconduct in football,” he said. “But it is important that such incidents are reported because they need to be dealt with appropriately.”

At the meeting, the branch also discussed the ever-changing laws of the game.

They also highlighted the support referees can receive from being part of the branch.