ARCHER Allison Kelly has arrowed her way to a second national title.

The Prudhoe woman was the winner of the over 50s category at the British Barebow Indoor Championships.

And she finished third overall in the UK wide event, which included participants of all ages. 

Allison’s success came at Walker in Newcastle, where she scored 498 points from 60 arrows.

In doing so, she also smashed a county record - set by herself several months ago  - by a sizeable 66 points. 

“I’m absolutely delighted,” said Allison. “This was an outstanding result for me. Walker was my regional venue, but I was up against opponents competing at other venues across the UK. 

“To win the over 50s and finish third overall was great, and I was the highest placed archer at Newcastle. 

“At Newcastle alone, I was up against some very strong opponents.”

Allison’s latest achievements have just been made public, despite the event taking place before Christmas. 

She explained: “It takes a while for the results to be compiled and for the winners to be announced. I knew I had done well but to get the confirmation is just great.”

Allison and her fellow archers were tasked with shooting at a 40cm target on an 18m range.

“We shoot the arrows in sets of three,” she said. “There’s a bit of pressure and you have to focus, but generally everyone is very supportive and we all try to encourage each other. Archery is a great sport to be part of.”

The achievements came at the end of a successful 2018 for Allison.

Last May, she won the National Field Archery Society’s national championships in Plymouth - just two-and-a-half years after taking up the sport. 

In August, she scooped a county title, by winning the 24th FITA Field County Championships for Northumberland and Durham, at Netherwitton near Morpeth.

“I absolutely love it,” she said. “I work hard at finding new things to make me improve, and to make me more precise. 

“I always look forward to getting out there, and I would like to work my way towards world series events.

“One step at a time though. I have a couple of competitions pencilled in the for the new year, and I’ll take one at a time.”