HE’S the fearless 11-year-old who is used to reaching speeds of up to 60mph.

Now Kai Bachini is seeking support from local businesses to help him reach the top of his game.

The Stocksfield youngster is already a seasoned kart racer, and regularly competes in both the national Little Green Man cadet kart championship, and the Super One British Karting Championship.

But in order to mount a series bid to win a championship title next year, Kai needs sponsorship.

Mum Kate explained: The championship is made up of events up and down the country, and Kai has had three top 15 finishes this year, out of fields of up to 45 racers. He’s improving all the time.

“However, it’s not a cheap sport. Other racers have sponsorship, because of the cost of tyres, engine rebuilds, and other outgoings such as team fees and race entries.”

Kai has never looked back since having a go at karting while on holiday three years ago.

The Ovingham Middle School pupil said: “The maximum speed the kart reaches is 60mph. I’m used to racing and competing and I really enjoy it.”

Kai’s aim for next year is to win Super One, the major British championship which is made up of events at different venues across the UK.

Previous winners of Super One include Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Lando Norris, who went on to become established formula one stars.

Kate added: “We could only afford to do three rounds of Super One this year, but Kai would still class as a rookie next year, and would have an excellent chance of getting a seeded number next season.

“He would also have a great chance of being the number one rookie. If Kai achieved this, his 2020 season would be free to enter as a reward.”

Kai is also attracting a lot of interest for his commentary skills. The youngster has introduced and interviewed race contenders for a dedicated media outlet.

If you can offer sponsorship, contact Dan Bachini on 07747 804 370 or email marketing@kaibachini.com