A STOCKSFIELD theatre group will bring the village’s history to life this weekend in a poignant First World War play.

A former member of the village’s history society, Stocksfield resident and writer Rachel Cochrane began writing the play around a decade ago after a bronze plaque bearing the names of the Fallen was stolen from the village’s war memorial.

Stocksfield Local History Society began research to find out more about the 40 brave soldiers mentioned on the memorial, and Rachel took inspiration from this to write her play Ever Rolling Stream .

Based in the fictional village of Stockswell, the play centres on a group of characters who are brought together when the plaque in their village is stolen.

It tells the story of two families – a single mother Judith who is struggling with her teenage son Ben, and an Edwardian family who is dealing with their son having to go off to war.

“He has to go to war – there’s no choice for him – and the audience can see the parallels between that and a young man 100 years ahead. And it’s also the story of two mothers 100 years apart,” said Rachel.

“It’s a fictional Edwardian family but the names mentioned are real names from the memorial. There are about 40 names on the memorial, so they’re not all mentioned but 12 are included all together.”

Rachel has previously been involved in exhibitions about the war and led creative writing workshops, so her keen interest in this area of history led her to writing the play.

“I started writing it around 2009 I think, but I hit a wall with it and would do a little bit then come back to it.

“When it was the centenary of the start of the First World War, I really wanted to finish it and get it out there.”

Having previously taken minor roles in Stocksfield Players productions, Rachel approached the group who decided to take it on as this year’s production.

The group usually produce a yearly play put in on November, and for Ever Rolling Steam the weekend of Armistice Day was chosen.

The play will be on at Stocksfield community centre at 7pm tonight and tomorrow.

Rehearsals have been taking place for several months and Rachel has been directing the play along with co-director and producer Karen Kirkland.

“The Stocksfield Players have really put their heart and soul in it and I just feel really honoured they have done that. It’s been a real team effort between not only them but the backstage people and people who will be helping on the evenings,” said Rachel.

“I would just like to say thank you to everybody for helping to bring this to life.”

Members from Stocksfield Local History Society will also attend the evenings with a display of their First World War research.

Tickets are available from Stocksfield Community Association (SICA) on (01661) 842346.