A PAIR of fledgling film-makers have taken to the skies to add a new perspective to Prudhoe.

Two 14-year-old schoolboys have created an innovative aerial film of the town.

Dan Bell and Bailey Maughan’s debut film, Prudhoe...An Eye In The Sky has already attracted thousands of viewers.

The Prudhoe Community High School students shot the film over a period of two weeks using a drone camera.

And combining the aerial views with time-lapse footage shot on a regular camera, the seven-minute film shows the boys’ home-town from a unique perspective.

The film encompasses the entire town, from sweeping stretches of the River Tyne to the lofty heights of Prudhoe Castle itself.

The youngsters came up with the idea for the film after Bailey received a drone for Christmas.

Keen to show their pride in their home town, the boys decided to turn Prudhoe into a feature billing.

Dan said: “We thought it would be nice to do something for the community because after living here all our lives, we’ve started to appreciate Prudhoe more.”

The young film-makers published the film on their own YouTube online video channel, Proud Heights – the old name for Prudhoe.

And after just two days online, the film had attracted 2,000 views and a wealth of praise.

One commenter wrote: “Nice work! Love it. I live in Byron Bay, Australia, now and miss the place.”

The film has now attracted close to 3,000 views.

Dan’s dad, Darren, said: “They were totally dedicated to the film. It was a labour of love.

“They came up with it all themselves, even to the point of getting up early to catch the sunrise.”

Bailey and Dan are keen to continue their work behind the camera and are planning an aerial film of Hadrian’s Wall.

Bailey said: “I really enjoyed going out and filming. Everyone who passed us by said hello and asked about what we were doing.

“It was really nice.

“I felt really included in the community.”

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