Milk alternatives have been all the rage in recent years, with many leaving behind dairy milk and making the swap to plant-based alternatives. 

From Soya, Oat, Almond, and more there are plenty of alternatives to choose from but now there's new plant-based milk on the block. 

As pea-protein milk steadily hits supermarket shelves and begins to get a following. 

And there's a small business leading the way for the special milk, with The Good Pea co. specialising in the unique drink and we got to try it. 

So before the name puts you off, take a look at what we thought and prepared to be surprised. 

What we thought of The Good Pea Co. Plant-Based Milk Review: 

We all know that milk cartons can be quite boring and basic in design, with the typical white box and writing. 

But The Good Pea Co. stands out against the rest with its bright, bold and colourful design, the bottles are definitely eye-catching and promise to stand out against all other brands. 

Plus even better the two kinds of milk are colour coordinated so you don't have to worry about ever picking up the wrong style. 

Now on to the part we've all been waiting for, the taste I was lucky enough to be sent two cartons, the original and the barista style.

As someone that drinks dairy and has experimented with milk alternatives,  I've yet to find one that makes a worthy competitor to the original. 

But pea protein milk took me by surprise, with its creamy texture and sweet taste it might not taste exactly like cow's milk, but it does give a very pleasant taste.

Made from yellow split peas and coconut cream, the coconut taste isn't prominent with the sweetness of the peas carrying the flavour. 

And if you're worried that the sweet taste will be too overbearing then no need to worry as the Co. has made a perfect balance.

The original is the best choice if you like your milk for your cereals, cooking baking or to have on its own. 

It's not too thick and if you're an avid tea drinker then I can promise it works great with a nice hot cup of tea. 

On to the barista-style, this creamy pea protein milk is a must for any coffee lovers that like to go the extra mile and have some frothy milk with their beverage. 

Whether you want to whisk it, froth, steam or blend, this milk can do it all and tastes great too.

And if you wondering, although they may be made from peas, no the milk isn't green, instead, it follows all milk with its white colouring. 

Although at first, I was slightly cautious of what to expect it's fair to say I was pleasantly surprised by the Pea Protein milk.

The taste was creamy and sweet making it perfect for all year round and a great option if you're trying to be more sustainable and try out some plant-based milk.

You can try the Pea Protein milk for yourself, by grabbing some from The Good Pea Co. Website.

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