Foreign ministers from the G7 nations have condemned the “intimidation and oppression” of protesters in Myanmar following the country’s military coup.

The group, which includes Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and counterparts from countries including the US, France and Germany, warned that anyone responding to peaceful protests with violence “must be held to account”.

The move follows clashes in which two protesters were shot dead over the weekend.

Protests against the junta continued on Tuesday and the G7 foreign ministers called for the security forces to “exercise utmost restraint” and respect human rights.

The UK holds the presidency of the G7, which also includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US, plus the European Union.

The joint statement said: “Use of live ammunition against unarmed people is unacceptable. Anyone responding to peaceful protests with violence must be held to account.

“We condemn the intimidation and oppression of those opposing the coup.

“We raise our concern at the crackdown on freedom of expression, including through the internet blackout and draconian changes to the law that repress free speech.

“The systematic targeting of protesters, doctors, civil society and journalists must stop and the state of emergency must be revoked.”

The G7 again called for the release of Myanmar’s civilian leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and President Win Myint.

On Monday, Myanmar’s ambassador to the UK was summoned to the Foreign Office for the second time this month.

Minister for Asia Nigel Adams told Kyaw Zwar Minn that the use of force against protesters is “completely reprehensible and must stop”.