WE asked our readers whether car parking in Hexham is reasonably affordable. Here's what they said.

Karen Batey said: "Disc parking is OK but more places need to sell the discs," while Helen Banks said: "Do away with the disc parking and let people park anywhere in Wentworth for as long as they need to."

Sally Anne Hutt said: "I've taken to parking behind Lidl and walking as it's a lot less hassle with the queues going into Hexham.

"For those with mobility issues, there should be a free regular bus that travels between the long stay car park behind Lidl, the train station, the bus station and the marketplace," she added.

Angela Wilson said: "Parking discs are readily available in a lot of shops/cafes for those who are unsure."

Anne Lawson commented: "Put your disc on and check it's on display," adding "The only [car park] that charges is M&S and get the app so you don't need bother with machines. We are lucky compared to some places."

Gemma Collins said: "I don’t think parking charges anywhere are reasonable."

Caroline Watson said: "I don't shop in Hexham now due to all the fines being given out."

Stewart Bell added: "Yes but need more access to buying discs M&S is the only chargeable parking but it’s not extortionate."