A temporary one-way system in Hexham that had been lifted in December to support residents and businesses during the Christmas trading period is to be re-introduced on Monday, January 8.

The one-way system will be re-instated to enable the final phase of street improvement work to take place and is likely to remain in place until early Spring 2024.

The temporary one-way system will enable work to take place quickly and safely on Hexham’s public realm improvement scheme which aims to revitalise the historic town centre and is focussing on the key corridor of Priestpopple, Cattle Market and Battle Hill.

Here is what our readers have said!

Lisa Thompson was the first to comment, she said: "Bloody great .The unsafe of the whole towns pavement is the bit outside old Donnie’s it’s terrible and been left unsafe I don’t care who owns it the council should have done it all. It looks terrible being left and only a small section done appalling by our council!

Jon Storey is also not looking forward to it. He adds: "A complete and utter shambles, and wasteful use of public money. The existing footpaths etc were perfectly serviceable. Here's a thought, why don't we clear/repair road drains and repair the disgraceful/dangerous and damaging road surfaces around Hexham?"

David Carter worries it may take longer. He said:"20 weeks, plus another 20 weeks for weather delays, that will kill Hexham's summer trade, and for what, a few trees that will probably get vandalised and some pavement that will get covered in heaven knows what and never get cleaned. Meanwhile the potholes get bigger and more abundant."