We asked our readers where they would like to see more cycle lanes in Hexham. Here's what they said.

Evelyn Anderson said: "Not room for cars never mind cycle lanes," while Yvette Wilkins said: "Between Corbridge and Hexham" would be a good route.

Roger Higgins said: "Space for ‘dedicated’ cycle lanes is limited because of the constraints of a historic town and its narrow roads. So we need shared space where cars crawl and pedestrians and cyclists are safe. Priestpopple, Beaumont Street and Market Street for starters. Hallstile should be car-free."

Leaann Telford said: "Nowhere it’s a nightmare as it is," and Malcolm Wood said: "Far away from Northumberland."

Angie Wanless said: "Parking for cars would be money better spent," and Ralph Burgess added: "Never knew there was a cycle lane anywhere in Hexham."

Jon Winter commented: "Only where there's room for them. I approve of cycling but I don't approve of holding up everyone else to enable cycling. Oh, and if there's a cycle lane, cyclists should use it and not the road. That should be a legal requirement."

Dave Clough said: "Where it's possible to have them," as David Humes said: "It is about time there were safe cycling routes between Hexham and all the surrounding towns and villages, it is ridiculous that there are not more in the county, using the old railway line routes would be a good start."