HAYDON Bridge High School has been dealt another blow after Ofsted inspectors ruled leaders and managers were not doing enough to turn around its fortunes.

The school has been in special measures following a damning inspection in December 2014.

Now, following a monitoring inspection in mid-March, Ofsted has warned that the pace of improvement is too slow.

In its latest report, inspectors said: “The headteacher and other senior leaders have shown commitment and loyalty to the school throughout this difficult period in the school’s journey.

“Nevertheless, they have failed to secure rapid improvement and pupils do not receive an effective education.”

Inspectors said delays in the school’s plans to become a sponsored academy, and also the lack of a permanent headteacher, following the departure of John Whittle two years ago, were contributing factors to continued failings.

The report added: “Gaps in leadership capacity and budget limitations have all contributed to the school treading water at best.

“This unacceptable state of affairs is resulting in the pupils of the school being very badly served indeed.”

Ofsted said the absence of some teachers on sick leave was an ongoing problem with the school relying on support staff.

Inspectors continued: “Pupils do experience some super teaching, but equally, other experiences are extremely poor.”

Haydon Bridge is expected to become a sponsored academy later this year, the Government’s preferred route to recovery for failing schools.

Multi-academy trust Bright Tribe is set to assume control, with a principal at the helm from September.