THE recent heatwave which has scorched the Tyne Valley and caused river levels to plummet is set to continue.

The Met Office’s long range forecast has predicted that temperatures will remain widely above average, with further spells of hot conditions probable.

John Harrison, who operates a weather station at Plunderheath, near Haydon Bridge, said: “It’s not shaping up for a rapid change, but we could get some thundery outbreaks on Friday.

“People talk about global warming, but it’s not all about temperature.

“We’re getting more persistent weather, so once we get a particular type of weather it sticks around for longer.

“We have to wait for big changes in the atmosphere, but we’re coming to the end of this weather now.”

Temperatures are set to reach the high 20s at least in eastern areas this week.

Matthew Lewis, deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The heatwave conditions will continue across much of England through this week, with temperatures possibly into the mid 30s celsius in places on Thursday and Friday.

“There is the chance of a few thunderstorms breaking out over East Anglia on Wednesday, but it is likely to be Friday when we see thunderstorms affecting many central and eastern areas.”