THE Green Party has chosen a vet, care worker and environmental worker as its parliamentary candidate for Hexham.

Acomb resident Nick Morphet (43) will go up against current MP Guy Opperman (Conservatives) and fellow candidates Penny Grennan (Labour), Keller Fong (Brexit Party) and Stephen Howse (Liberal Democrats) after Tynedale Green Party made the announcement on Thursday evening.

Mr Morphet, born and raised in Tynedale, currently splits his time between wildlife veterinary work, conservation volunteering and caring for people with learning disabilities.

He said: “The Green Party has a bold vision for a better future, and it will be an honour to spread the Green message.

"All our policies are geared towards improving people’s lives while simultaneously benefiting the environment; it’s the ultimate ‘win-win’ situation.

"One example would be ‘rewilding’ the uplands, something that I’m particularly passionate about. By encouraging trees to grow, we can combat climate breakdown and the wildlife crisis while also creating new jobs and opportunities for recreation, as well as preventing flooding downstream.

"Changes such as these are urgently needed, but fortunately Northumberland has enormous rewilding potential.

"A second example would be improving rural public transport to fight climate change -again, everyone’s a winner."

He added: “The Green Party is strong on the economy too. Our Green New Deal will create a just transition to a cleaner, greener world that makes us all healthier and wealthier, spiritually, as well as materially. Ak me about it on the campaign trail."

On the situation of Brexit, Mr Morphet was all for a second referendum taking place.

He said: "I won’t pretend it’s not a mess. The overly simplistic in/out referendum was a mistake, and the only way to solve the problem now is to hold a second referendum where we get to choose between a specific deal and remaining in the EU.

"A good tailor measures twice and cuts once!

"Brexit has exposed the dishonesty in UK politics, but the Green Party remains a bastion of integrity. You can trust me to represent the Hexham constituency to the very best of my ability."

Mr Morphet has concerns for the environment and has campaigned for with local members of Extinction Rebellion about the effects of climate change. 

However, he was optimistic for change.

“Awareness of climate breakdown and the wildlife crisis is at an all-time high, and the Green Party has more councillors and MEPs than ever before," he said.

"I’m really looking forward to riding the Green wave, and I hope to take as many people with me as possible."