An ice cream parlour and café has closed its indoor seating area due to concerns over Covid.

Molly Moo’s Ice Cream Parlour and Café in Hexham town centre has made the decision to temporarily close its new upstairs seating area after two staff members were instructed to isolate after being contacts of positive Covid cases.

The staff who are isolating have so far returned negative Covid tests, but owner Jennie Wright has chosen to be cautious and ‘think ahead’.

Jennie said: “I’m probably being over anxious, but we’re just thinking ahead. We’ll be losing money by closing the seating area, but I’d rather that than contributing to any spread of Coronavirus in the area.”

In an article in April, the Courant reported that Molly Moo’s had expanded into its new upstairs seating area on St Mary’s Chare and that Jennie had hoped it would become a community hub complete with computers, iPads, game consoles and board games.

However, that has been put on hold. Jennie said: “We were hoping that all the restrictions would be lifted on June 21 and we could get everything going.

“We’ve got the computers, but we’re putting everything on hold until we can see what’s happening locally. I’d rather be safe than sorry, and if it (Coronavirus) stays rife in the area, it has the potential to close the business.”

Molly Moo’s will continue to operate as a takeaway and is still open 11am – 5pm Monday to Saturday and 11am – 4.30pm on Sunday.

Jennie said: “We’re perfectly safe, we’re just thinking ahead! We’re on an open street and are serving from the door. There’s nowhere better to be really!”

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