A NEW hearing care specialist service has opened up in Corbridge.

Lisa Graham hearingcare offers full hearing test consultations and hearing aid technology from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Lisa has been a Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist since 2005, and spent 8 years with Boots Hearingcare at the Metro Centre.

During this time she achieved the accolade of Boots Hearingcare Hearing Aid Audiologist of the Year, Regional Winner 2011, followed by being awarded as the National Winner in 2012.

And after establishing her name, she's keen to continuously grow her own business, now offering her expertise and service s at Croft & graves opticians in Corbridge.

Whilst also working at Whickham pharmacy, the move to Corbridge sees Lisa continue her passion of providing exceptional customer care, ensuring clients achieve best advice, care and on going support.

She believes all clients should receive a thorough hearing test, a hearing aid demonstration and be given choices and options, allowing clients to make an informed choice as to how they can improve their hearing.

Her passion for providing exceptional customer care at all times, ensuring clients receive the best advice, care and on-going support, has led her to establish a private hearing healthcare practice.

Lisa, said: "What's most important is the continuity of care. I enjoy creating a personal connection with my clients, where I can understand their problems and needs."

The business also brings a bespoke micro suction ear wax removal service to the Tyne Valley.

During her career, Lisa became increasingly aware of the difficulties clients had in getting excess ear wax removed, with many people waiting weeks.

Offering a microsuction wax removal service gives individuals the opportunity of resolving their excess wax, and in many cases, allowing them to benefit immediately from better hearing.