RESIDENTS are on a mission to slow down motorists in their remote North Pennines community.

They fear that the existing 60mph speed limit on the C294 road through Carrshield is putting the lives of schoolchildren and other pedestrians at risk.

Two years have passed since residents handed in a petition to Northumberland County Council in 2016, which called for the limit to be reduced to 30mph.

It led to a speed survey being carried out last October, but since then no traffic calming measures have been introduced.

Local children took part in a poster competition over the Easter holidays aimed at raising awareness of the need for a lower speed limit.

Carrshield resident Alwyn Woodcock said: “This is a residential area, yet cars and other vehicles are allowed to pass through at too high a speed.

“It is a small community but we have several children under the age of 10 and a small number of teenagers.

“There are also a fair number of dog walkers, yet there is no footpath along the side of the road.”

Mrs Woodcock said the speed survey last year was carried out while roadworks were taking place, and therefore did not give an accurate representation of the situation.

She added: “We’ve lost ducks and hens, but fortunately none of our pedestrians have come to any harm.

“We just need action to be taken before something terrible happens.”

The 2016 petition was signed by more than 100 people, both from the local community and from further afield, according to Mrs Woodcock.

A Northumberland County Council spokesman said: “We are well aware of perceived issues in this village and are arranging for a further speed survey to be carried out.

“However, we will be investigating improved gateway signs for the village, while ‘pedestrians in the road’ warning signs will also be considered, together with any new road markings which may be necessary.”