AN inquest into the death of a Ninebanks woman whilst she was on holiday in Spain's Costa Blanca recorded an open conclusion due to a lack of evidence.

Danielle Hall (21), who worked at Hexham's Tesco, died on November 13 2016 after falling 80 feet from a balcony on the ninth floor of the Bermudas Hotel in Benidorm.

The inquest heard there was no evidence to suggest Danielle, who lived at Nether Harsley Farm at Ninebanks, and attended Haydon Bridge High School, had wanted to harm herself.

She was on holiday with her boyfriend Jordan Bevan and his grandmother.

There had been no suggestion that the couple may break up, and had discussed getting engaged.

Jordan and Danielle had returned to the room after a night out and got changed into their pyjamas.

Jordan then went to check on his grandmother in the next room, seeing Danielle go for a cigarette on the balcony as he left the room. He then heard a loud crash, and returned to find there was no sight of Danielle.

Coroner Eric Armstrong said: "We don't have any account of how she fell. I would suggest that the most likely cause is that she'd had a drink, went for a cigarette and overbalanced and fell.

"I can't record a positive conclusion, so what we're left with is an open conclusion - what we used to call a verdict.

"There's no suggestion that Danielle meant to hurt herself - the most likely conclusion is an accident but since I do not have the evidence I can't record the verdict."

He told Danielle's family: "You leave with my sympathies and my condolences. No parent should ever have to deal with the death of a child."

Danielle's family made a statement following the hearing, which read: "There isn't a day goes by when we don't miss Danielle.

"Danielle was an outgoing friendly girl who loved helping others. She was so excited about being an auntie and was looking forward to being a bridesmaid for her elder sister.

"Everyone who knew Danielle knows what a wonderful person she was and will miss her dearly."