Pupils from Allendale Primary School are holding a special exhibition at the Allendale Forge Studios.

Aptly named 'Echoes of the Past', the exhibit showcases the talented students' interpretation of history through various art forms.

The enthusiastic young artists have channeled their creative energies to depict significant historical events and the influential work of past artists.

Their individual interpretations of the theme have resulted in a diverse and captivating collection of art pieces.

Ranging from detailed historical scenarios to recreations of classic masterpieces, each unique creation pays homage to the echoes of the past.

The pupils chose to focus on a historical event or on artwork by a historic artistThe pupils chose to focus on a historical event or on artwork by a historic artist (Image: Allendale Forge Studios)

'Echoes of the Past' opens to the public on July 9 and runs until July 17 in Studio 11 at Allendale Forge Studios.

Visitors are invited to come along to witness the remarkable skills of the young artists and take a visual journey through their historical interpretations.

The exhibition promises to transport viewers on a whimsical journey back in time, a testament to the powerful impact of history on our young generation's creative gestures.

Allendale Forge Studios, run solely by volunteers, houses a shop, a commercial gallery, and a rented studio space.

This space often plays host to various community events, workshops, meetings, and exhibitions organised by different schools, clubs, and groups.