A CAR dealership was voted the Courant's Trader of the Week for its efforts to support opportunities for local young people.

We Buy Cars Hexham was nominated as Trader of the Week by several readers including Katie Jessica, who said: "We Buy Cars Hexham has sponsored another local football club again this year, supporting local young people opportunities and helping fulfil their potential.

"As well as continually supporting local businesses and being on hand 24/7 to help the local people in times of need with car breakdowns. Thank you."

Mick Robson also voted for the business as this week's Trader.

Lucy Enya said: "Another vote for We Buy Cars Hexham - for such a new business, they’re doing so much for the local community. Super quick to help supply courtesy cars when needed. They sponsored Hexham FC last year, Corbridge FC this year, and had a fabulous display on at the county show."

Owned by John James, We Buy Cars has sponsored new kits for Corbridge United Junior Football Club which are due to arrive sometime this month.

Kit sponsored by We Buy Cars for Hexham Football ClubKit sponsored by We Buy Cars for Hexham Football Club (Image: We Buy Cars Hexham)

"Whether it's through shows or sponsorships, we always try and give back a lot to the community. It helps with marketing and if people can see you're involved with the community, they might be more willing to use your business," John said.

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The business will celebrate its third anniversary in August and John said they are branching out into different areas, including vehicle recoveries for car breakdowns.

We Buy Cars' football van which celebrated the business's first football club sponsorship of Hexham FC in 2023We Buy Cars' football van which celebrated the business's first football club sponsorship of Hexham FC in 2023 (Image: We Buy Cars Hexham)

John said readers choosing him as Trader of the Week felt 'special', adding 'it's nice to know people appreciate what we're doing'.

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"I grew up around Hexham and Hexham Football Club was full at the time, so I went to Corbridge Football Club and they welcomed me with open arms and I joined when I was a young lad.

"It's special to be able to return the favour and when they're asking for kit, to be in a position where we can sponsor and help young lads and girls, it is quite special. I just think, when I was younger, I would have appreciated someone donating a bit of money to help me participate and feel welcomed."

We Buy Cars also donates food to various foodbanks and donates books to local schools.

"I feel like we're embedded into the community because people know us as that business that sponsored the club, not just as the business that buys a car from someone. Once you see one business doing something like that, it invites others to do the same. Hopefully by sponsoring local clubs, it will inspire other businesses to consider sponsoring a club."

He also gave a shout-out to his partner Elizabeth Dracup, who manages the business's marketing, for her hard work.