Northumbria Police will have an independent domestic abuse advisor working with them during Euro 2024.

Chloe, one of 12 independent domestic violence advisers (IDVAs), provides support for domestic abuse victims during Operation Flagship, a national initiative launched on the opening day of the championship.

Her role involves offering immediate advice to victims during callouts with the police. She will be present alongside officers at domestic abuse-related callouts.

The victim-centered approach ensures real-time safeguarding.

Speaking about the initiative, Chloe said: "As IDVAs, we really benefit from having those face-to-face interactions with clients.

"When we’re able to speak with people in person, we can gauge emotions better, read body language, and build that rapport so we can tailor our approach appropriately."

Officers also praised the IDVAs for the more in-depth initial service provided and noted victims have reported feeling ‘reassured’ and ‘satisfied’ with the police response.