Age UK Northumberland has received a Community Foundation Grant.

It will be used to support the charity's work with vulnerable individuals aged 50 and over across Northumberland.

The focus is on enhancing their life and wellbeing through improved financial management and fostering connections with local agencies.

Over the coming year, Age UK Northumberland has set specific objectives.

The first of which is to improve the financial wellbeing of over 50s by granting them access to personalised financial advice and support, thus enabling them to manage their finances more effectively.

In addition, the charity has pledged to promote its services in the areas of highest deprivation within the county, ensuring those in most need of support are aware of and can access the help available to them.

The final objective is to provide volunteering and employability support to over 50s.

This will help them live more fulfilling lives but also boosts the local community's engagement.

Anyone in need of Age UK Northumberland's support can contact them by email at or by phone at 01670 784 800.