PLANS to build a new forestry road have been submitted in Prudhoe.

An application submitted on behalf of The Woodland Trust proposes to construct a new road at South Park, Moor Road.

The road will be 475 metres in length and 3.2 metres wide.

The proposal is described in a supporting statement as the 'construction of a new forestry access track with a turning head, into the woodland from the public highway at South Park / Low Guards Wood, Prudhoe'.

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It has been designed with consideration for drainage and suitable highway access.

A notice from the Forestry Commission has stated all plants which host the disease Phytophthora ramorum, which causes Sudden Oak Death, must be felled in the area.

The statement says: "To enable the felling works to be done, access is needed for forestry machinery, including tracked vehicles to harvest the timber and lorries to take the timber away from site.

"There is currently an informal hardcore layby on Moor Road which is used by the public for parking."

The proposal would allow lorries and working vehicles to pull off Moor Road fully, open the access gate, continue along the proposed track, load timber stacked on the hardstanding, turn round and exit back onto the highway in a forward direction.

For more information, go to the council's planning portal and search reference number 24/01897/ROAD.