NEW figures released in the latest YouGov polls indicate Hexham is heading for a historic victory.

YouGov's first MRP projection, published on June 3, of the 2024 British general election suggests Sir Keir Starmer will become prime minister with 422 seats and a 194 majority in Parliament, bigger than that won by Tony Blair in 1997’s landslide, with the Tories predicted to win just 140 seats at the election on July 4.

Parliamentary candidates for Hexham include Liberal Democrat Dr Nick Cott, Labour's Joe Morris, and Hexham's former Conservative MP, Guy Opperman.

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William Clouston of the Social Democratic Party and Nick Morphet of the Green Party are also in the running for Hexham's next MP.

YouGov forecasted the Hexham constituency to become Labour which will be the first time in 100 years the seat has not been Conservative. 

Separate data published by research company More In Common believes it will stay Tory, but only by the narrowest of margins.

It predicts that Mr Opperman will retain his seat with a 38 per cent vote share, just one point ahead of Labour challenger Joe Morris.

However, the YouGov analysis instead predicts what would be a historic Labour gain in Hexham, forecasting that Mr Morris will win 46 per cent of the vote and Mr Opperman just 34 per cent. 

Mr Morris, who was selected as the Party's representative last year, said: "Labour are taking nothing for granted at this election. 

"Since I was selected in October last year, it's clear that people across the constituency are desperate for change. Not a single vote has been cast yet, and we expect Hexham to be a very tight contest. Change will only come to the Hexham constituency if you vote Labour on July 4."

Dr Nick Cott, Hexham's Liberal Democrat candidate, said: "The MRP poll shows some very encouraging indications for Liberal Democrats across the country.

"We can, and will win seats. We have had a very positive campaign and have some important policies which will make a major difference to people's lives, such as plans for free personal care and a windfall tax on energy companies to help people with their energy bills.

"We are honest in saying that we can only rebuild our economy and tackle climate change by repairing our relations with our European partners. Polls are just polls, not results, and if people want to see real change and a fresh start in Hexham constituency, they should look to the Liberal Democrats."

Guy Opperman was contacted for comment.