A new exhibition is set to show the achievements of lead miners' children.

The village of Allenheads, once a hub of the lead mining industry, is set to host the Friends of Killhope's new exhibition, spotlighting the education of the children in the area during the 19th century.

For many years, tales of the hard life and grinding poverty of the lead miners have been widely shared, but this exhibition is set to put a spotlight on their children, who were raised in the remote Allenheads.

The exhibition, 'What Did You Do At School Today?', will be held at Allenheads Heritage Centre, and will display examples of their work.

The exhibition encourages visitors to look into school life experiences from 150 years ago.

The Allenheads Trust is set to open the exhibition at 2pm on June 15.

The display, which promises to both inform and inspire, will continue throughout the summer and is free of charge.