A PUBLIC meeting will be held to launch a community share offer in an approved solar farm.

Humshaugh Net Zero, a Community Interest Company, will hold a meeting on Thursday, June 6 at the town's village hall from 7pm to discuss the approved solar farm, to be located to the west of Humshaugh village, near the hamlet of Lincoln Hill.

The CIC has established Humshaugh Community Solar Limited (HCSL), a registered Community Benefit Society, that will own and operate the solar farm.

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The solar farm will generate green electricity to provide community funds for further Net Zero projects in Humshaugh parish and potentially the surrounding area.

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The farm will be funded by shares raised locally, a grant, and commercial loans.

A spokesperson for Humshaugh Net Zero said: "HCSL is your opportunity to make a positive contribution to reducing the carbon emissions of Humshaugh Parish, by investing in a low-carbon development.

"The 2,000 solar panels installed will generate more than 1,000,000 kWh – 1 megawatt (MW) - of electricity. This is equal to approximately 50 per cent of the electricity currently used in the parish and will reduce annual carbon emissions by 217 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

"The £1.1 million project will provide at least £200,000 to local initiatives over the project lifetime and return individual investments with interest."

They added: "Come and hear about the Humshaugh solar farm, how you can become involved, and how the parish and the environment will benefit."

For more information, go to https://humshaughsolar.org or email info@humshaughsolar.org.