Up to £500,000 has been donated to community environmental organisations.

The sum has been allocated by the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, will fund climate and environmental projects throughout the region.

This announcement follows a recent report highlighting how community engagement in environmental action can meaningfully contribute to change.


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Authored by the foundation, the 'Vital Signs North East Environment' report outlined three primary climate challenges: global warming, biodiversity decline and immediate everyday issues, including pollution and access to green spaces.

The report further also outlines potential areas of funding, focusing on community-centric projects.

The foundation's CEO, Rob Williamson said: "While environmental issues can often feel overwhelming, we firmly believe that local action can make a difference.

"In addition, we are fortunate to have many very special natural assets in the North East that are worth protecting.

"We also know that a number of our donors are eager to fund projects that can help tackle the environmental challenges we face."

He added: "Having the Vital Signs research behind this effort will help ensure we direct resources to the areas with the greatest potential for impact."

Potential projects include re-wilding programmes, recycling initiatives, campaigns to raise environmental awareness, and improving building energy efficiency.